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Recent releases, reviewed by John DeWolfe
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Recent Releases
Chicago-based music critic John DeWolfe reviews recent releases.

Deftones - White Pony    White Pony — Deftones  4.5
The Deftones have slowed it down on White Pony. The results show a more mature band, one that's distanced itself from the likes of Korn and Limp Bizkit. The music is haunting and heavy. The vocals are astonishing. Check out the tracks 'feiticeira', 'passenger', and 'change (in the house of flies)'. This CD will grow on you with each listen.

Music Math: Deftones = Jane's Addiction + Tool + Alice In Chains

Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles    The Battle of Los Angeles — Rage Against the Machine  4
Rage Against The Machine incites road rage, and "The Battle of Los Angeles" is some of their best road-rage-inciting work to date. "RATM" invented the mixture of punk + rap + metal, and their latest is a high energy, Molotov Cocktail of an album oozing with anger and, well, rage. Wanna make the 6 o'clock news? Play this while driving home in rush hour traffic.

Music Math: Rage Against The Machine = Public Enemy + The Red Hot Chili Peppers + Jane's Addiction

Madonna - Music    Music — Madonna  3
Madonna has always had a knack for dance singles, but her albums are typically inconsistent. 'Music' stays true to form as a mixture of addictive dance grooves with some weak slow-tempo tracks, such as 'I Deserve It' and 'Don't Tell Me'. Where 'Ray of Light' (her best work) is serious and reflective, 'Music' is silly and sometimes downright stupid. However, the singles 'Impressive Instant' and 'Runaway Lover' are fun.

Music Math: Madonna = Donna Summer + Marilyn Monroe + KLF + Daft Punk

BT - Movement in Still Life    Movement in Still Life — BT  3
Brian Transeau's new album is all over the map, mixing funk, rap, drum n' bass, and trance. This musical mélange is clearly an attempt to appeal to a larger audience. That's a bad move in most cases, but 'Movement in Still Life' still works. The first two tracks are weak but the club insta-classics 'Dreaming', 'Godspeed', and 'Mercury and Solace' make the purchase worthwhile.

Music Math: BT = Depeche Mode + The KLF + The Orb + Brian Eno

Elastica    The Menace — Elastica  4
Elastica's second album is much more experimental than their self-titled 1995 debut, with less emphasis on radio hits. The Brit-Pop Punk band's new CD is part chaotic with punk riffs layered over synth-pop, and part reflective with personal slow tempo tracks, such as 'My Sex'. 'The Menace' is an overdue follow-up after a five year hiatus, and very pleasing.

Music Math: Elastica = Adam & The Ants + Blondie

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