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The Aeron chair sucks
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The Aeron Chair Sucks
An expensive (and maddeningly ubiquitous) example of form kicking the shit out of function

Herman Miller's Aeron chair isn't just the symbol of wasted VC money and dot-com failure, it's also a beautiful example of a triumph of form over function. Oh sure, its unusual, minimalist look has made the chair an award-winnng icon of modern design (hell, it's even on permanent display at New York's Museum of Modern Art), but sitting in an Aeron chair hurts like a bitch.
chair Lumbar support pokes into back, feels like someone's goddamn elbow.
Demo: Windows Media (504K) | Quick Time (875K)
Armrest height adjustment more difficult to use than 99.99% of all other adjustable office chairs.
Demo: Windows Media (918K) | Quick Time (1554K)

Patented Pellicle suspension material rated the equivalent of 220-grit sandpaper; tears khakis to shreds.
Demo: Windows Media (628K) | Quick Time (1103K)
Rock-hard waterfall front edge cuts off circulation to legs.
Demo: Windows Media (470K) | Quick Time (716K)
Created: October 10, 2002
Special thanks to Bob LinDell, Mark Parrish, and Andrea Parrish for helping me make the movies.


Overall, I have to say the Aeron isn't bad. But you def. covered the bases on all its niggling annoyances.

Sent by Anthony Ramos on October 15, 2002

I happen to like my Aeron chair, thank you very much.

Sent by MFfan310 on October 18, 2002

You're damn right Dack! I've never once sat in a comfortable office chair - all that bullshit emphasis on good posture and upright elbows etczzzzzz means they overlook the fact that most of us motherfuckers like to slouch. Though anyone who wears khakis deserves some sandpaper shredding....

Sent by Brendan O'Neill on October 21, 2002

Hilarious! Of course, my favorite is the one about the teared khakis...

Sent by anne marie on October 24, 2002

I also like my Aeron chair...very much so. The only thing I find negative with it is really the armrest adjustment. My left armrest keeps coming down all the time, even if I try to fasten it tight. Grr..

Sent by Somebody Smart on November 1, 2002

And let's be honest; it's a tad ugly, looks a bit like a punk Transformer.

Sent by Tanner on November 5, 2002

Yep. Can't stand that chair. Never had more back pains then I did when I sat in that chair. Granted, my ass didn't get as sweaty. I'm now sitting on a chair I found around the meeting desk. Four legs. Short back. Ahhhhh.

Sent by Darrel on November 15, 2002

hilarious! and that andrea girl was a riot!

Sent by Bob on November 18, 2002

Don't know about the practicality of this chair, but it's definitely the ugliest one I've ever seen.

Sent by Caroline on November 21, 2002

Hell yeah, the Aeron is utter crap... being a dot-bomber, i've worked in several places w/ this POS chair and now will always ditch it for the Staples $99 special chair... This chair aggrivated a pinched nerve in my back b/c of that "lumbar" support and that piece was chucked. I love how they made it so you could flip it over and get "extra deep" back-pain. My back problems got so bad that it aggrivated my heartburn and eventually led to a small ulcer before i figured out that it wasn't my coffee intake but the damn chair. Ever since I ditched it, no more pain, no more heartburn, no more laying on the office floor in agony.

Sent by s0yb0mb on November 24, 2002

I work for a competitor of Herman Miller. One word would sum up my feelings about the chair: "DITTO"

Sent by Drew on November 26, 2002

i have a dom.bomb surplus aeron at home that i am actually quite fond of. my ass don't sweat when i sit in it, and that's a big factor for me. what i don't like is that the mesh ain't very durable. it is not holding up well. sorry i don't hate it more than that. my friends who don't have aerons seem to think it's the bomb of course, but they are all still wired magazine reading freaks that didn't notice the influx of cartier ads and weird cultish tone increasingly at odds with reality.

Sent by T on November 26, 2002

If you have adjustable arms... I do not but that is o.k. with me. Very funny. Well done. My favorite may be the leg circulation bit although this is not in my experience. I like my chair though. You can have it when you pry my cold, wide ass off of it dude.

Sent by rd on December 3, 2002

bought mine for $300. my lumbar support sits in a drawer. but i disagree on the mesh material, i think it feels great (my khaki collection consists of jcrew, polo and nautica). no comment on the armrest adjust. since i have a volkswagen, im used to the rotary-dial adjustment. overall i like it. i wouldnt pay $1000 or whatever, but it takes some getting used to. however, my favorite chair is a $150 hi-back HON chair i got at costco.

Sent by Court on December 4, 2002

I haven't read anything about the hype or anything like that, and I didn't find this chair's looks 'break-through'. But my butt loved it! I sat on it at the library and immediately I felt like I wanted to get me one. I won't comment about adjusting it, I haven't tried that, but it suited me like it was made exactly for my body! I looked up a name on the back, and then I went and checked out reviews on the net, and got really disapointed when saw the price! Lowest I could find was like $600 :( I would pay ~$200 MAX! But I'd get it without thinking twice of any other chair on the market.

Sent by uf0 on December 9, 2002

Just don't fart in this chair. Does not muffle sound at all ...

Sent by agent0neo on December 12, 2002

I wish I had an Aeron. Seems like everyone else does. But this site makes me feel better. I'll show them!

Sent by Newbie on December 12, 2002

It also destroys wood desks if it gets anywhere near them, even with the optional bumpers installed...

Sent by Scot on December 13, 2002

I always fart in mine it's great it reverbs through the entire office!!

Sent by Tear the Roof Off on December 19, 2002

I've never had the chair rend any of my clothes, but then again, I live in rags after getting a loan for my new chair! Sweet jebus, the arm rests do suck left over dot com failure juices. Also, it does not go up as far as most chairs. Our company got a rash of these chairs for the managers, and many ditched them for normal chairs.

Sent by sithEnder on January 3, 2003

I totally disagree with you. As a cg animator for the last 9 years i have spend years sitting on my ass working. For the last 3 years i have had the pleasure of sitting in an aeron. It is definatly the best chair i have ever worked in. I wish i had one at home. They are far to expensive though. - and so far it has not destroyed my desk, trousers, back etc. I would give it 9/10. it loses a point for being to pricey.

Sent by nick on January 8, 2003

I've had an aeron chair at work for the last 6 years...and I've gotta say it rules! it's cut my chiropractic appointments in half. perhaps the people who have complaints about the chair, do not have the correct size!

Sent by happy a## on January 8, 2003

Okay, you might be right and wrong at the same time. I've been using the chair ever since 1997 without any troubles - I've even spent almost 12 hours in one without getting any pain anywhere, but perhaps it is a matter of who's using it, your posture, your body shape, office environment etc. So let's say it as it is: It is a chair as anyone else within its league - you just have to find one who fits you as a person.

Sent by Massimo Fiorentino on January 13, 2003

I think I could get the same message without all the vulgarity.

Sent by Susan Herr on January 13, 2003

some people have bitterness written all over them. perhaps you are not quite as petite as you thought, trying to squeeze your khaki-clad ass into a chair too small for you. only a product of significance would attract this kind of critism, right?

Sent by sunny arizona on January 14, 2003

I don't have to suffer the back pain anymore since I've had Aerons at work & home for 4 years. It is a miracle that Aeron can make my life easiler. Strongly recommended!

Sent by Hayley on January 15, 2003

i laughed out loud at your videos. very funny, even though i personally love my aeron. it's too bad it became a symbol of dotcom excess, because i still think this chair rocks. i can sit in my aeron for a ridiculous number of hours without pain--and this from someone who had to buy expensive (ugly) ergo chairs to alleviate strain and pain a decade ago. having said that, it is true that the arm adjustments are difficult to tweak.

Sent by ex-amazonian on January 16, 2003

Yes, these chairs SUCK, try Steelcase Leap if you want something that looks good and works. I saw the Leap and Aeron desingers debating each other last year, I just had to laugh at the Aeron guy, how is this design defendable as useful except for the ease of farting through the mesh material.

Sent by Todd on January 27, 2003

Dudes and dudettes -- this chair is far and away the best chair I've used. This chair supports slouchers (me) as well as posture-perfects....and its ass-ventalation system is superb!

Sent by Pat on January 27, 2003

My only complaint is how cold my butt gets in the winter. It is the best thing for my hemorroid, though.

Sent by ac lover on January 28, 2003

The arthor of this article is flaming moron.

Sent by Mark on February 2, 2003

No one has mentioned the worst aspect of this nasty object! Sitters are prevented from changing their position! Just TRY kneeling on your chair or tucking your leg under your body. I guarantee you won't try it again anytime soon if you value your legs at all...

Sent by ex-dot com on February 8, 2003

Stop whining, sit down, and get to work! If you don't like the chair your company bought you, go out and spend your own money on one you like better. There's a war on, slackers.

Sent by Dirk Steel on February 13, 2003

Could not be further from the truth. I have a back condition and have used this chair for almost four years, I have had no issues with this chair except the arms tend to slide down after years of use. They even make a "Big Daddy" one that a coworker uses.

Sent by Lee on February 16, 2003

We have about 200-230 of these chairs at work and i sit in it for at least 9 hours a day, maybe more. I've never had more painful back problems in my life ever since i started working where i do now, sure you can adjust this chair every which way but it doesn't change the fact no matter what i do, it hurts.

Sent by zel on February 17, 2003

I've had an aeron chair for years and work on them for 11 hours shifts per day. I really like it. My only comment is that after a period of use, the color of the pellicle fabric wears off, and it isn't as bright as it once was. They do like something out of a doctor's office, but hey, do you buy a chair for it's looks or for what it does? I don't care how it looks as long as it's sturdy, adjustable and comfortable, which is what the aeron is. Buy your cheap chairs and suffer, I'll keep my aeron and stay cool, be comfortable, and work circles around you! :)

Sent by Bill on February 18, 2003

Having had chronic back problems I worked from late 1995 through early 2002 in an Aeron prototype. It was the best thing about the office. I only gave it up because I changed jobs; now I'm looking for one for home.

Sent by Harry on March 2, 2003

Best thing about the Aeron - when you fart, the fart goes right through the chair! That's cool! It's still the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in. The front edge is a little sharp, but it's the only chair that hasn't given me back problems or a numb butt, ever.

Sent by El Flatulencio on March 5, 2003

The worst, and most costly, thing about the aeron is how is chews up wood desks. HM developed a fix for that that is very expensive and they don't bother to tell buyers that they need it if they are going to use it with a wood desk. That would make it too costly and not competive with other chairs on the market. Herman Miller did a good job of marketing this awful chair.

Sent by dan on March 8, 2003

It makes my ass numb. Furthermore, the cost is outrageous. I was most shocked, while consulting in DC, to find some federal agencies blew excess budget on hundreds (perhaps thousands) of these chairs.

Sent by Ian on March 11, 2003

Ditched my Aeron. Demo'd a Knoll Life chair and it's THE chair. Clean, simple, well thought out and very comfortable. Sad to give up my demo model. Hoping Santa brings me one for Christmas.

Sent by velvet on March 11, 2003

So this chair:
a) allows your farts to be heard halfway around the block and
b) is really good for people with sweaty arses.

I really don't need one. But can anyone tell me: is it any good for your back?

Sent by chris on March 13, 2003

Aeron chairs rock! My law school library only had Aerons, the United States Patent and Trademark Office only has Aerons. Obviously, people know that sitting in a chair for hours on end either doing research or patent searching requires utmost comfort, which of course the Aeron provides!

Sent by Aeron Convert on March 20, 2003

LMAO! All you pussy ass bitches make me laugh! I've worked endless hours with nothing more than a milk crate to sit on, and all you guys can complain about is arm adjustment knobs and lumbar support. Get real.

Sent by Cynical on March 28, 2003

I hate these goddamned chairs. Thy're hard to adjust, the armrests are useless and take a half-hour to remove(anyone in ergonomics will tell you armrests and typing don't mix), they break easily, and they're not very comfortable. If you want a good, ergonomic chair, get a full-back one with a headrest.

Sent by LX on March 28, 2003

Have had an aeron for over a year now, my lower back is hosed, have a herniated disc in the lumbar. I tossed my $99 staples special, and haven't looked back since. All of you people slamming it are insane.

Sent by dextius on March 28, 2003

I can't see how you hate this chair. It's way comfy! Maybe you just have a deformed body so obviously you can't find that chair comfy like I do.

Sent by Your Mom on March 28, 2003

hey i tried the aeron a couple of times nd they suck. The reasons all the above...back problems, leg problems, and all sorts of other stuff..what i do i get a lazy boy..yeah plain simple over stuffed lazy boy modded out a little bit for my own taste..cup holders, pivot mouse and keyboard stand, and a place for my somkes. of course i dont think work would let me have one there..hey its comfortable, havent had any problems with legs or back and you dont have to worry about shredding your clothes..and as for the fart factor..well theres plenty to muffle the sound but why would you want to? let your flatulence be heard loud and clear.

Sent by Gary Harmer on March 28, 2003

One word... Leap! I am sitting pretty in my Steelcase Leap chair. The things beats the Aeron chair with a HUGE stick. Check it out at www.steelcase.com

Sent by Mr. Leap on March 28, 2003

The Aeron chair is a perfect example of the .com hey day bloatathon of buying anything with an extensive price tag and the fad to go with it. Like all those bankrupt companies buying things like an Oracle database on proprietary hardware. It was extremely expensive, overpriced, and there were far more other products that could do the same for less, but it was the trend .com thing. I can find several chairs at the local office depot for 129.99 or less that are far more comftorable, but then again, maybe it just doesnt look as hip. Oh well, I now await for the day when Krispy Kreme donoughts announces its bankrupty.

Sent by Bryan on March 28, 2003

Sad wankers trying to tell us how long they sit in their chair at work... long hours aren't necessarily a badge of honour, kids.

Sent by Roger on March 28, 2003

Aeron chairs are hard. I couldn't get used to it. I swapped for a cushioned cloth chair from the conference room next door. Maybe they are perfect if your ass is plenty fat.

Sent by r e on March 28, 2003

Love the videos! I agree that the Aeron is more hype than comfy. I have one and it really cuts into my thighs when set at a good working height. I reviewed it a few years ago: http://www.redherring.com/mag/issue77/mag-product-77.html

Sent by Rafe on March 28, 2003

Gave me back problems - had to go to physical therapy, then replaced mine with an $80 Office Depot clamshell. Oh, and the asymmetrical height adjustment on the arms means that *every* left arm in the office drops regardless of how tightly you try to secure it.

Sent by bart on March 30, 2003

Finally, someone who agrees with me.

The first time a sat in an Aeron chair, the back hold, slipped and I almost flipped over. Which ever rocket scientist decided that steel and aluminum wear well together should be required to sit through some basic metalurgy classes.

I've had wheels crack, recieved bruses and generally hate everyone of the 200+ chairs the AF brought for the clinic I work in.

Funny thing, though... I like the low-end Herman Miller office-drone chairs (which have almost exactly the same features without the assorted problems the Aeron chas have). One problem. I'm a big guy (220+lbs) and I like to have my seat back setup so that it doens't lean back. I also have a tendancy to drop into charis rather quickly. The cast aluminum bridges on the low-end Herman Miller chairs will snap quite pradictably when sat in just right. I've got it down to a science and actually broke three charis in 5 miniutes of testing this theory.

Some savy class-action lawyer should hire an engineering firm to look at the dynamic of certain Herman Miller chairs and people over 200lbs (but less than 250lbs).

Peronally, I'm pissed that their high-end chairs suck so badly and yet their comfortable low-end chairs can't be used without fear of breaking them.

Sent by cbryden on March 30, 2003

I've worked two jobs where the Aeron was available. I've had back problems for years, but never felt better then when in the Aeron. Granted, the edge really does dig into your thighs, but putting a sweater over the edge fixes that, so no harm done. I loved my Aerons and can't wait to get one for home. No other chair I've tried comes even close!

Sent by Erin on March 31, 2003

Definitely right about the circulation cut-off. Always seemed like such an obvious design flaw to me. I like the freedom chair (by Humanscale) but it is very hard to come by (I only got to test one) and seems to be built for those under 6'

Sent by krady on March 31, 2003

Must be a status thing. A friend of mine worked at an IT firm in Boston for a while and they outfitted the whole place with Aeron chairs. He raved like they were the snizzle's shizzle. So I sat in one. It was ok, nothing to write home about. Now, my POS, cloth-covered, mid-80's-built chair is falling apart, but it fits me quite well and I can lean the entire seat backward. I code all day long with no problems at all. Very comfortable and costs around 5 non-magical beans.

Sent by Brian on March 31, 2003

Aerons are the worst chairs ever made. I thought I was the only one who hated them. It is just a stupid trendy chair that makes people sitting in them feel sophisticated and cool.

Sent by Evan on April 1, 2003

This chair sucks. Remember the scene in the movie Office Space where they go "Clockwork Orange" on their much hated office printer? Well, that's what I'm gonna do with my Aeron chair. Now I could understand if I was your typical Fatass American overflowing the thing and crushing it, but I'm a 6-foot skinny white dude. The fabric is too soft. The seat is sculpted so there's not a prayer of plaicng your butt into a level position - either side to side, or front to back - much to the pain and agony of my lower spine. It's like sitting on a partially deflated beachball. The seat is too small and the legs too wide, making constant foot collisions, forcing uncomfortable leg positioning (which compounds the seating position problem) and beating the hell out the backs of many pairs of shoes. The seat wobbles on it's support post. I covertly tried a few around the office to swap mine with one that didn't wobble but they all do. The back rest is too wide. I constant;y bang my elbows on it when reaching for things. And the arms just flat-out suck. I took mine off and pitched them into a dumpster long ago. This chair is the biggest piece of hype going. I am sore from using it after only a few hours. One of these days it's going on a ride out to the countryside with me and a baseball bat. Chris on March 13, if you have a bad back avoid this chair like it was a guy from Hong Kong with a hacking cough.

Sent by JimPhx on April 1, 2003

The Aeron is great! Had the worst back problems, but then worked in a Aeron for 2 years and the problems went away. Then I changed jobs to a company without the Aeron and the back problems have returned.. Although it could be the Walmart specials they call chairs around here, so maybe a better chair (other than Aeron) would help too.

Sent by Jeff on April 1, 2003

So... any of you Aeron haters want to sell yours?

Sent by Shaun on Apri 4, 2003

Well, the issue with the fart beyond the sound is that there also isn't anything to absorb the smell... so anyone who smells or lets one loose will stink up the entire area (if not in an office).

I've sat in a few.. The first one gave me some chronic butt pains.. I'm talking permanent ones that made stretching (touching toes) painful in the gluteus. I got another one and eventually the pain went away after a few months.

I will say that my butt has never gotten numb with this. You can't sit your legs other than straight out. Armrests.. well they are fun to play with but rarely useful.

What I dislike is that the back is not really high enough to lean back.. the edge is right under my skull, causing numbness to my head back there as well as making me dizzy. If you sit upright in this, it makes a perfectly good chair, but it was not designed for those who sit in other positions.

Sent by Technogeek on April 9, 2003

I have sit is these "sucky" chairs for the past 5years and worn the butt out of I don't know how many pairs of jeans and khaki's. My back hurts everyday. I would just as soon sit on the darn floor. For 10 Ben Franklin's, I think they could make something a heck of alot easier to sit in.

Sent by John Kraft on April 10, 2003

Just becuase you can't afford to get one doesn't mean that they aren't the best chair on the market! When your job requires hours spent in a computer chair this is THE ONE. I have had mine for 2 years now and would never think of changing to something else.

Sent by Dan on April 11, 2003

Don't really mind the Aeron, but it sure doesn't hide the occaisonal poot! As much as one tries to manage the gaseous escape, it always makes a sound the other prarie dogs can hear. Plus, I have never sat in anything that can transfer the smell in under one second to my nose!

Sent by Sir Fartsalot on April 14, 2003

I'm completely happy with my Aeron. I had all sorts of back problems with the $50-99 costco high-backed chairs in the past. Once I got my Aeron, the lumbar really helped. I can sit for hours and hours without any back pain at all. I also notice that _none_ of my friends like this chair. I think the chair is fantastic for some people, and useless to others. I'm one of the ones who gets a lot of comfort from this chair.

Sent by Laxman on April 15, 2003

The chair is confy...not doubt...the adjusting arms...yeah...they suck. All and all I like the chair :-)

Sent by Arai on April 16, 2003

There is no relationship between the cost and comfort of an office chair, and no substitute for giving a chair a 1-2 week trial before buying it.

Sent by Furniture Dealer on April 17, 2003

I like the Aeron - most comfortable office chair I've ever had personally. I sweat a lot, so I like the breathability of the chair. Also like the lumbar support (I get back problems with cheap chairs like Office Depot $99). Make sure you get the right size though!! One size too small will cut off your leg circulation. I've never had the sandpaper shred my pants.

Sent by luther on April 17, 2003

you rock! what a great review. i can hardly stop laughing long enough to type this. i will not be buying an Aeron Chair!

Sent by tony on April 20, 2003

The Aeron chair is the neatest, most comfortable chair I have ever used. I have one at home and in both my offices. I guess there is always someone who gets upset that something can be designed so well.

Sent by Paul Spence on April 24, 2003

Are you people forgetting this thing cost about $1000 dollars, the chair SUCKS. If it was $100 it MIGHT be worth it, maybe just to look at.

Sent by Justin on April 28, 2003

This is by far the most comfortable work chair I have ever used. It was worth every penny.

Sent by jc on April 28, 2003

People who blame a particular chair for their back pain have one thing in common with those who think a particular chair cures back pain- they're both wrong. Some features of the Aeron suck and some are fair-to-good. Check out any other goddamn office chair and you'll find the same. All this B.S. about the chair, or ANY chair for that matter, causing ulcers, slipped discs, etc.- it's just more typical avoidance of personal responsibility. Stop whining and go to work, or the unemployment line, or the crackhouse, or wherever.......jeeezus.....

Sent by ergo mike on May 1, 2003

Jesus christ its a chair wtf is wrong with u people

Sent by Luke on May 1, 2003

Although they are pricey, the chairs are pretty good. I hate that my employer (Texas A&M Univeristy) spend so much money on these stupid chairs and now is strapped for cash ("Duh, we will never run out of money!")

Sent by Scott on May 3, 2003

I liked it, but Costco currently has the $ 1200 Leap Leather Chair for $ 799 now thats a deal !!

Sent by Jeremy on May 4, 2003

I'm willing to bet that the people on here complaining about adjusting the chair and how uncomfortable it is weigh in at a hefty 300 lbs and have an IQ of zero. Dude, if I weighed 300 lbs and sat on silk pillow my Khakis would wear out too. And what about taking things like ass hair into consideration? What if your ass hair is actually more abrasive than the chair, and that combined with your mass is actually what's tearing up your really cool khakis. Yah that's right, I see right through your blank eyes and bungee drool : (......

All I know is the Ikea chair I'm sitting in right now is worn the fuck out...it has holes in the seat...I guess it's because I wear really durable pants...they're called jeans, you guys should check those out. Today I sat in an Aeron and loved it...I didn't adjust shit on it, I just sat my ass down and got blown away. I want one. You guys with the khakis and the fat assess.....get some fucking exerciese, and a pair of mean durable jeans.

Sent by Bern on May 8, 2003

I've had my Aeron for over 6 years, and have no problems with it. I got tired of the other lousy chairs that they had around the office and bought one for myself. I like the position adjustments, but tend to keep mine in rock mode most of the time. I don't know why people are bitchin about the arm rests. I adjusted mine when I first got it, and haven't had to touch it since. I like the fact that they swing in and out for variation of position. BTW, Herman Miller has developed a new lumbar support that can be retro-fitted to you exisiting chair, which might address some of the lumbar complaints. I think a lot of the complainers are those that don't appreciate that the chair has become a status symbol. But that's not the fault of the manufacturer! They just tried to produce the best possible chair. My fabric also shows absolutely no wear after six years of almost daily use.

Sent by Bert on May 9, 2003

Ok.... two words for you all.... Arthur Andersen. We had them, too. Maybe the first clue we were all gonna lose our a**es is when we sat our a**es down in those $1200.00 chairs. Moral of the story: Aeron chair, $1200.00. Grunt Salary, $35,000.00. Knowing your boss's bosses boss was going to blow WAY too much money on the shredder.... priceless.

Sent by Reality on May 9, 2003

I don't really think you're a flaming moron, but you must be doing something wrong. I have used a size C Aeron chair at my work for the last 24 months and I love it! The only problem I've had is that my adjustable arm won't stay in the spot I want it to, but re-adjusting it is absolutely no problem. You just turn the dial, adjust the arm, and turn the dial the other way; duh! But the price IS a bit steep for at home; I wish I could find a used one in good shape for under $300.

Sent by cd on May 11, 2003

I love to fart in my Aeron Chair, the gas go thru without any problems....Keep up the good work!!!!

Sent by Ricky Lynch on May 13, 2003

You know, I wondered why new cargo pants got holes in them so quickly.

Sent by Hugo on May 15, 2003

This is the chair you want: http://leap.steelcase.com/buyit/

Sent by Bowman on May 15, 2003

Best chair I've ever had. I sit in it 8 hours a day. All you people who don't should sell it if you don't like it. Also, get a life you fags.

Sent by perry on May 22, 2003

Bah. Anyone who doesn't wear jeans to work is a weenie. So there.

Sent by jimbo on May 23, 2003

Huzzugga!!! Which planet is this? It must be that stuff that they are putting in the water. It is just a chair, an unbelievably expensive chair but still A CHAIR! With aching knees and ankles, and a sore back (it's called arthritis, kiddies, which many of you will get to know all too soon), I sat in one at the Art Museum, on display yet (these Herman Miller guys are marketing geniuses, the museum guards would not let me near the 14th century throne). I was unconscious in under 2 minutes, less than 120 seconds! I have never sat in a chair as comfortable as that Aeron XXL, with all the bells and whistles. ALL THE PAIN went away! To hell with the kids' college education, the ex's alimony and the mortgage, I've got to get one of those chairs... Oh yes, if you space-cadets go into orbit over "chairs", check this out, there are these things that they call "tables" or is there already a website?

Sent by Old Fart on May 23, 2003

I own an aeron chair, yet it gathers dust. I recommend the Haworth Improv chair. It may not look space age, but I'm always comfortable in it, and I'm in it all day and most of the night.

Sent by stinkyPooHead on June 4, 2003

It's not for everyone, OBVIOUSLY. But you bought it didn't you? SUKAFOO!!!!

Sent by hef9000 on June 5, 2003

After using a number of different chair including the Aeron, one thing should be (but apparently isn't) obvious-for those who fit the Aeron, it ranges from a good to a great chair. But just because it works for you, doesn't mean it works for everybody.

But a truly great chair should accomdate you, not the other way 'round. The Aeron lacks a range of adjustibility that a really good chair has.

If you like your Aeron, great. But a chair is a highly personal preferance, and if it doesn't work, it sucks.

Andrea has a decent rack and talks dirty. Cool.

Sent by Ergolly Correct on June 9, 2003

Yea...the Aeron is a hyper-adjustable, multi-levered, waterfall-seated (you need the waterfall seat because the design is wrong...) big name icon chair but all the fancy marketing in the world doesnt make a chair good for your back or legs. Try swingseat.com or ergonomixx.com for a hardly known but extraordinary chair. No fancy marketing or big names (yet) but if you have to sit for hours at a time, its the best chair ever produced for task chair use (disclosure... yes i sell 'em and love 'em).

Sent by Griffin on June 11, 2003

its not a bad chair, but's its so incredibly overrated and has been so since it came out

Sent by alexei on June 17, 2003

i pass a little gas from time to time. the aeron chair appears to be the ideal thing. pleanty of ventilation. "pffffft" excuse me.

Sent by gassyassie on July 5, 2003

Aeron chairs... Ah, I love the smell of Razorfish in the morning.

Sent by Urgle on July 9, 2003

office-related back pain is typically a result of lack of movement. There commonly tends to be 2 locations of the pain:

1: between the shoulder blades, in the mid-back. this is a result of spending the days hunched infront of a computer and the evenings in front of the playstation. This can be releived by doing exercises that flex, rather than stretch out, those scapular muscles between the shoulders. doing a 'reverse sit-up'... lying on your stomach and chest up off the floor is a good one.

2: lumbar pain, from sitting all day long with your upper body weight all fixated on a single spongy disc in your lower spine. this disc gets compressed, and the muscles around it start to spasm. Of if your one of the unlucky ones, you herniate that disc and get compression on your psiatic nerve, resulting in not only back pain, but leg pain.

No chair in the world will stop this. the ones who have figured it out are those you see jogging on their lunch hour, getting up often to walk around, etc. Lack of movement will only make it worse. The body wants to move, not sit on its ass all day.

I love my aeron chair because it comes in a size large, and my legs actually rest on the chair instead of hanging out in front of the chair.

If you work in an office, check the size of your chair. Many people who have worked at my office for years dont realize that they come in small, medium, and large. There's 6'1" people sitting in mediums, and there's 5'2" people sitting in larges. They didnt understand the hype until they swapped chairs, now they love em. but it's like a bed... some people like the 24" thick pillowtop matress, others prefer the floor. Nothing will satisfy everyone.

Just hoping this will help, from someone who went thru $12,000 in medical bills for a messed up back only to realize how simple the prevention can be. Luckily insurance covered 70%

Sent by c on July 11, 2003

I sat on the leap... leather=suck for an office chair.. and it's not as comfortable... you retards that are knocking it are most likely just jealous cuz you can't afford it hahahah lamer wannabe's

Sent by whatever on July 15, 2003

You also didn't mention the fact that the hard plastic crossmember at the top of the chair's back runs right across the shoulders/shoulderblades. This is by far the worst office chair I've ever had to sit on.

Sent by MisterZ on July 16, 2003

This is a great site, although I must say I liked sitting in my Aeron. But I never, ever touched the adjustments once I got it to a good configuration, because I couldn't remember how to do any of them, and I knew it would be a wasted hour or so to get back to base again if I ever changed anything. Plus, I'm tall, so I had to move the plastic lumbar support up to the top of its range, and it was alway popping out.

But my real complaint -- after four years use, the hydraulic cylinder broke, making the chair unusable. Not very good reliability for a chair that expensive. Same thing happened to a friend at about the same time and with the same age of chair. Worse -- we've been waiting 5 months for an ordered replacement cylinder, with no end in sight. I even tried to figure out how to get the cylinder from an original manufacturer, but conceded defeat. Meanwhile this ugly chair carcass sits on its side in my office, taking up space.

I'm definitely looking for something else. I would have done so sooner, but I found that my back problems were much better served by working at a standup desk than sitting in any chair, however well designed.

Sent by Teemo on July 17, 2003

People like me would love the aeron chair. I got a sensitive ass, the kind usually requires shifting weight every 20 minutes. aeron is perfect for me. it's the only chair that allows me to concentrate on work. agree it's quite expensive -- they know people are willing to pay.

Sent by makia on July 22, 2003

Mine just arrived and I hate it already. The damn arm rest do not go high enough for my arms to rest flat while I am at my editing station. Yes, it's one with the moveable arm rest...it's going back !

Sent by worldlybsd on July 22, 2003

Bullshit. I found this chair in a desperate search for something that would not fall apart and something that wouldn't make my ass fall asleep after an hour. This chair does that and much more. You must be a fat bastard if you had your circulation cut while sitting, but, so am I and I just don't have that problem. There are two kinds of opinions when it come to the Aeron, those who own it and LOVE IT and those who are jealous. Don't be jealous buy one off eBay and save a few hundred. Seriously, I don't really have the kind of money it takes to buy one of these new so I bought mine used at a very discounted rate, but I feel like it was one of the best investments I've ever made. Don't buy the leather armrest, the fabric is far more comfortable.

Sent by notyourname on July 24, 2003

Love the Aeron. You can pick up these turkeys from failed startups for $50 or less and sell them on Ebay for $400-$500. Wouldn't want to sit on one though!

Sent by Joe on July 27, 2003

One word for all of you....STEELCASE!!!!. Their chairs Rock! I have sat on a Leap, a Criterion and a Lucy..loved them all! In comparison, I have also sat on the Aeron and Knoll Bulldog. The Aeron dug into my shoulder blades and the lumber support actually caused lower back pain...and forget wearing nylons!! I have never had anything but great experiences and comfort with Steelcase chairs....not to mention their funiture. WOW have you seen this stuff they have called Post and Beam? Viva le Steelcase!!

Sent by Weenie on July 29, 2003

Just bought mine. I love it. warranty is for 12 years! awesome. get the posture fit instead of the lumbar support. poster fit is great for lower back. I give this chair 8 of 10 stars. lose 2 stars because this char should be no more than $400. $700+ is ridicolous but I spend it and I dont regret it. Its a great chair. WIth 12 year warranty you are set. It really will replace all your crappy $50-$75 chairs that lose its cushions, this one never loses its cushion because their is no cushion to deal with! A+

Sent by Ray on August 3, 2003

To MisterZ: if the top of the chair digs into your back, you bought the wrong sized chair - check out the sizing chart on the herman miller web site.

If the front of the chair cuts off your circulation, you should lower the chair (tab on the right side) and/or allow it to tip forward (the front tab on the left side).

As for comfort - the pellicle material is much more comfortable than resting your butt on a piece of sweaty/smelly foam all day.

Sent by Craig on August 5, 2003

I Love my chair so much I was thinking of amputating my legs. Then I removed the foam Aeron wrist rest from the water fall at the front of the chair (no mention in the manual, did I pay extra for it?) and hey presto, I can feel my feet again! Now it s hot here, so I have removed the two case fans from my computer (not the cpu one stupid! They ve not got enough air flow,) and added six more - to the bottom of the chair! Keeps me cooler than I was already! (I don t do Oracle or Java). Tip - if you ve been eating something nasty, add a switch to reverse the air flow! My mate is a mechanic for British Airways and reckons he can smuggle out a 737 engine, bolt it to the floor and create a hovering chair will keep you posted.

Sent by stumpy on August 6, 2003

Aeron2 = the new Mirra. I got home with one, raving to my friends about the comfort I thought I would have, and brought it back 48 hours later. The problem with pellicle is it has to join a solid frame SOMEwhere - the pellicle mesh apparently joined the Aeron's frame at the outer edge, which is why circulation gets cut off. The Mirra adds a transition zone (my name for it), which consists of a steel U-shaped crossbar a few inches below the mesh, and that steel bar is padded with foam. The result (at least for my skinny arse) is my arse sinks down low, but my legs get a pressure spot on the crossbar, and it is very uncomfortable after about an hour. The rest of the chair is great - the chair's arms position your own arms right where you want 'em; the flexible back is very supportive in the lumbar, but allow mobility; and the rocker/tilt mechanism is very smooth and refined, allowing your feet to remain flat on the floor. BUT, they forgot one thing when they designed the Mirra - the BUTT. The BUTT is what a chair is all about, and this is the weak link in the Mirra (and, apparently, the Aeron). I, too, am scrambling for a Steelcase Leap, which I demo'd today and immediately ordered. The most comfy chair I have tried.

Sent by IPLoya on August 8, 2003

I don't know what y'all whining about...I just picked up 3 fully adjustable aerons from my old company for use at home...had one for over a year...no complaints whatsover. Cool...comfy...and looks like something outta star trek. Ahead warp factor 7!!!

Sent by Rube on August 9, 2003

Why don't you lard-ass complainers get out there and go see what the client wants! If you wouldn't sit in the office all day, maybe you wouldn't need a $700 chair. [No disrespect for the physically disabled].

Sent by Captain Heinous on August 12, 2003

I guess it is a matter of taste - I've had my Aeron for three years and I sit in it 10 hours a day while working hard on three different computers - it is perfect for me. Then again, I don't have a big fat a$$. Maybe that's your problem.

Sent by Deke on August 16, 2003

Some of you guys with the negative comments are idiots... you either have the wrong size chair or are typical slouchers who could care less about good posture.

Sent by Aeron on Augst 20, 2003

Best office Chair I have ever had by far. Do not use the lumbar support. Me thinks some protest too much and probably sit in the wrong size. Wished I had had this chair 40 years ago. Would have packed and carried it in every move.

Sent by David A. Fraser on September 1, 2003

Funny. Everyone taking time to read and post about Aerons, and all of them talking about how long they sit in chairs. If you didn't browse the web so much, maybe -- just maybe -- you wouldn't be sitting in a chair so much? I want an Aeron. I want a plasma TV.

Sent by tireswing on September 3, 2003

Are you kidding me? Aeron rocks. I can walk again!

Sent by Brian on September 4, 2003

Maybe everyone that complains about the chair should just run down to a local k-mart/wal-mart/salvation army and by a $30 no arm, bolts poking in the bum, creaking swivel, cheap padded, plastic frame chair -- sit in it for a year or two -- then come back and tell everyone how good your bum feels. My Aeron chair and I will laugh.

Sent by noway on September 7, 2003

lol. this site cracked me up... and for those that would like a cheaper version of the over-rated aeron chair, check this out for only $70 http://www.officedepot.com/txtSearchDD.do?searchTxt=307175 from your local Office Depot.

ps. I've never sat in one and probably never will.

Sent by DC on September 29, 2003

Oh pooh. I've been planning on buying two aeron chairs for my newly decorated home office because I thought it would make me seem really cool. Now I'm beginning to have doubts. It might make me look like a stupid dot com failure reject type person. Oh woe is me.

Sent by not quite cool in OR on September 30, 2003

Aeron chairs are fabulous! Maybe some of you that are complaing aren't sitting in the proper size. They aren't one size fits all. (They come in A, B & C size.) I'm thrilled that my employer has them for all of us to use. Hey, you have to work, you should be glad you can do it in some kind of comfort!

Sent by Cindee on October 3, 2003

Got the chair a month a go. My legs are now CONSTANTLY falling asleep. I'm so glad I found this site - I thought it was me!

Sent by Doug on October 20, 2003

Your full of *@#^! This is the best chair I have ever sat on. All the problems you pointed out are because you're to stupid to adjust it correctly. I just wish someone would use it for a car seat.

Sent by William Harris on October 21, 2003

This site shows several of the chairs mentioned in this thread, inlcuding the Aeron. I wanted one, but am going to explore other options before deciding. See: http://www.homeofficesolutions.com/homeofficesolutions-com/

Sent by suzee on October 28, 2003

I'm with William Harris on this. If your legs are falling asleep, it's either because your chair is too high or you sit leaned way back. If the lumbar support is digging into your back, you have it in the wrong place. It should snug up to the small of your back -- you know, the lumbar. Try lowering it to the top of your ass. If the lumbar support bugs you, it's probably because you've been slouching all your life in crappy chairs.

Sent by The Mutt on October 28, 2003

For those of you who like this chair, you must be sitting on your F'n heads anyway...or your heads are stuck up your ass. Either way this chair eat's shit...literally!

Sent by A$$ Dr. on October 29, 2003

Lumbar support: You are correct about this part. The posture fit, on the other hand, is absolutely a joy. I tried all three options at work for a week each before purchasing the chair. The lumbar support was awful. Then I tried the posture fit. I couldn t tell it was there until I triwd the chair without the lumbar or the posture fit. I started to get mild back pain very shortly thereafter indicating that the posture fit really had been doing something positive after all.

Armrest: Yes, they are a little involved to adjust but this is not something that needs to be performed on a frequent basis in the first place. Use both hands and it isn t really that difficult to perform the adjustments.

Pellicle suspension material: I wear khakis every day at work and have yet to have any holes in them where my buttocks come into contact with the pellicle material.

Waterfall front: Perhaps you got a size B or C when what you really need is a size A to accommodate your knee to hip length.

I am a medical transcriptionist and spend at least 8 hours a day sitting in one of these. Prior to purchasing it myself since my employer wouldn't, I was having constant problems with circulation in my buttocks and thighs as well as severe low and mid back pain plus shoulder and neck pain. Within a week of having the Aeron delivered, I was having no low and mid back pain, no problems with blood circulation and the pain in my shoulders and neck went away within a month. With the addition of a special chair mount for my DataHand ProII keyboard, I can rock back and forth constantly on this chair while typing which greatly increases circulation in the legs and buttock region as well as helping to prevent any possibility of low back pain as I am constantly moving throughout my 8 hour shift. I would have chosen the Steelcase chair but that design offered no aeration to the buttocks region resulting in an uncomfortable rise in temperature within about fifteen to thirty minutes of sitting down to type. I literally do sit for my entire work shift so the Steelcase design, while seeming to be equally comfortable to the Aeron at first, would not work for my particular situation.

Sent by Robert Sanders on October 30, 2003

The most comfortable chair i've ever sat in.

Sent by Max on November 2, 2003

I like my Aeron. We also have them in the meeting rooms. The best thing is its cool and fresh to sit right after some fat farting arse has been on it for the last 2 hours. one negative is I ripped the pockets out of a pair of pleated pants by sitting down when the arms were pulled in.

Sent by Flipper on November 3, 2003

Spent a day sitting in an Aeron at a conference. It was the most comfortable chair I have ever used.

Sent by Chris Wells on November 16, 2003

If you hate your Aeron so much, sell it to me. I know the videos are funny, but what are the alternatives? Have you seen what they sell at Staples, Office Depot, etc.? Talk about trash.

Sent by Brian on November 19, 2003

idiots. a majority of the people's complaints on this board are a result of pure ignorance. the complaints of 'this part pokes.. my back hurts.. and yada yada yada' is simply b/c you didn't get sized for the chair. it comes in a variety of sizes.. the bigger your ass, the bigger the chair, the higher the back.. etc.. etc... a pair of $150 Nike Airs would hurt too if you had on size 8 and actually wore an 11. duh. wipe the drool off your lip.

Sent by cc on November 20, 2003

My Aeron is my Enron boodle. Bought it for $350 from the local Arthur Anderson office when it closed a year ago. For years I had a size C chair. It was too big, and did cut the circulation in my legs. This is a size A chair, and fits my butt just fine.

Sent by Quinta on November 20, 2003

Jesus...Such a waste of money. There shouldn't be ANY 'niggling problems' at this price. You can have mine. Perhaps you can weld it to your Honda along with that ludicrous flashy spoiler that makes you forget that your penis is 4 inches long.

Sent by jhg on November 20, 2003

I have developed neuropathy in my left leg as a result of having diabetes for many years. Sitting in the average office chair all day causes my foot to swell and my leg to hurt more than usual. I sat at work in an Aeron chair for approximately one year. Not once in that year did my foot swell or did my leg hurt more than usual. I must say that I loved it and wish I could afford one for my home.

Sent by BOB PREMEAUX on November 24, 2003

Aerons aren't too bad but although a bit dated by now. The next cool thing is Knoll's LIFE chair...got one now at work... very ergonomic, easier to adjust and so damn sexy.

Sent by James on November 25, 2003

I bought my size C Aeron chair when it first came out in August 1995. I weigh in the 180s, and under normal office use, the chair is now ready for the scrapheap. The pellicle in the seat sags to the point that I bottom out on the hardware below. The left armrest, which always slipped no matter how much effort I expended trying to tighten the thumbscrew, has now completely collapsed. I have jammed a pad of post-it notes into the channel below the left armrest to hold it up. The right armrest still works (ie, doesn't work) as it always has. A dealer has quoted $231 for a new seat frame, plus $195 for a new set of arms with the same old inherently defective thumscrew and friction height adjustment.

Rather than throwing more money into this white elephant, I'm going to sell it as-is on eBay and invest the money in a competent chair with a headrest, arms that stay up, and a seat frame that doesn't interfere with circulation, possibly a Humanscale Freedom Chair.

Sent by John on December 27, 2003

the wife loves the aeron and she is the boss so we have 2 of them in our house

Sent by kevin on December 28, 2003

The first time that I sat in one, I had to have one. It was by a very, very long shot the most comfortable chair that I have ever experienced. It is expensive, that is for sure........I'm trying to find one in the $300.00 range used on e-bay. It certainly sounds like some folks don't know how to adjust things properly. I've got horrible back problems as the result of having been rear-ended several years ago......my Chiro highly recommends and the test sit two years ago has left me panting for one! I had it adjusted (the required size C) within a few minutes and am pretty sure that I would not have to change it. The first sit was in a size b and it probably ranked right in there as the worst - just like a pair of shoes that is too small. Anyway, my two cents.

Sent by Malcolm Strachan on December 30, 2003

aeron, has got to be the worst chair ever. if it had a head i would run a railroad spike thru it. my back hurts, my ass aches,i have a headache,my feet stink,my ten piggs throb,my calves moo,if i had a pussy it would hurt too.that hump in my back is my ass,and i was fine befor i got this piece o shit chair.oh..thanks for asking.

Sent by tim on January 2, 2004

The chair was not designed for 500 lbs computer nerds. Why dont you get off your ass and get a real job.

Sent by Tony on January 5, 2004

Design sucks, that's the only thing i don't like. Otherwise it's pretty comfy. And It's just too expencive, if you want a real chair, go buy yourself a Recaro seat or MIG 29 (fulcrum) pilot chair;)

Sent by Bionicat on January 8, 2004

Anyone experienced the chair breaking where the cylinder attaches to the base?

Sent by John Mann on January 13, 2004

Hilarious spoof on the Aerons. I love mine but that isn't to say that it ain't a piece of shit for others. When are you gonna do a spoof on "mod" furniture like an Eames chair or Le Corbusier Lounge chair? Now THAT is a piece of shit that ain't worth the steel it's made with.

Sent by SF_Dude on January 15, 2004

I have grown to really like my aeron chair. I have to admit, it hurts after I have been sitting in my chair for awhile. It also hurts when I sit in other chairs for awhile too. Just not as soon as other chairs. So I get up and walk around for awhile. The only bad thing (which you did not make a movie for) is it does not muffle the sound of breaking wind.

Sent by chas on January 17, 2004

I bought 2 of these chairs second hand and they were great value. It took a while getting used to all the controls and getting it right and at first it wasnt super comfortable., but now i have it just right sitting in any other chair just isnt as comfortable.

Sent by phil on January 18, 2004

I like my aeron chair but your videos are very funny.

Sent by matt on January 18, 2004

Yes, the correct place for the lumbar support is in a drawer or the trash. On my chair the lumbar support popped out every time I sat in the chair. I never bothered to try adjusting anything else on it, however, it does epitomize the dot-bomb era to a tee. Read through the complaints above and wonder why everyone HAD TO HAVE IT.

Sent by Stephen on January 26, 2004

These Aeron chairs have just reached us. Some of the comments from friends of the Aeron amount to this: crucifixion isn't that uncomfortable if you know the right way to support your weight. I prefer a chair where you plonk your arse in it and, hey! You're sitting down! No wonder the North Korean Department of Political Re-education ordered fifty of them.

Sent by Cheesy Townsend on January 30, 2004

The Aeron Chair is a POS. The arm rest adjustment is cheaply made, the seat waterfall front edge is made of cheap plastic, like the basket in which the designers of the chair want you to sit. What's better, you ask? The Steelcase Leap Chair. You can slouch if you want, and it is still comfortable. The moving parts are made of metal - made to last. As you lean back in the chair, the seat pan moves forward like its supposed to and the lumbar force is adjustable, too. Try a Leap. The reason it is so difficult to find a used Leap Chair is because no one wants to part with it after they've sat on it for any length of time. It's a damn chair - function should precede form. My artwork is on the wall where it's supposed to be.

Sent by Eugene on January 31, 2004

One day I noticed that I had a hole in all my khakis and started wondering... WTF? Then I realized it was the Aeron chair. Too goddamn complicated, not that great, and it rips the shit out of your khakis. They have Dockers StainDefender, how about Dockers AeronProof?

Sent by OfficeSpace on February 9, 2004

What a moron. I've been sitting in an Aeron for 3 years and can't praise it enough.

Sent by ed on February 10, 2004

Why all the complaining? This chair is the best I've ever sat in, most comfortable and the best medicine for my back problems. You don't know what good is!

Sent by Rob on February 24, 2004

My Aeron chair sucks. Since I bought it new years ago the recline lock has not functioned properly, it would disengage and I'd fall backwards. Yesterday it finally broke for good and completely failed, it always reclines which makes it impossible to use. Overall it's a fairly OK chair and the larger size is comfortable since I can cross a leg in it it. It has lasted longer than other expensive office furniture I've bought, but I think it's engineering is overrated and it's completely overpriced.

Sent by Chris on February 28, 2004

OMG! You children need to get a life!! You're talking about chairs!!! I'm literally ROTFLMAO...

Sent by curt on March 6, 2004

The world seems to be made up of dwarfs and malformed mutants...the chair is a chair is a chair...try having sex in it, at least your butt doesn't get sweaty !

Sent by Little Willy on March 11, 2004

Just got the chair 2 days ago and have not regretted it one bit. If you can justify the price the chair is well worth it! Build quality is superb!

Sent by SMC23 on March 16, 2004

So, are you a HON distributer, or what? This chair is great, the most comfortable I've ever used. Talk about your bitter, anti progress, dot.com bashing, liberal propaganda. Hell, half the comments on this "home of negative Aeron comments" are actually POSITIVE. That you tell you something. Don't you have an "anti-free market" rally to go to?....

Sent by Nick on March 18, 2004

I recommend the Haworth Improv HE. This chair is far more comfortable than the Aeron. You can get a mesh back with a cushioned seat. Now that makes sense! Look for this chair at www.summervilles.com

Sent by SCOTT on March 19, 2004

The lumbar support definitely sucks if you're a sloucher. I could never find a position where it was comfortable so I just popped it out and problem solved. No real problems with the arms, the seat material, or the front edge though. I did see one once that had a screwed up arm, but I'm coming up on three years sitting in mine and everything's the same as it was on day one.

One thing I'm incredibly surprised wasn't mentioned is the ridiculous amount of turns you have to put into the back tension knob to adjust it *at all*. I used to work in a callcenter where the workstations were shared between day and night shift. I weight in at about 150 pounds, and the guy I shared the chair with was probably closer to 300. So, naturally, he needed the back to be very upright or he'd just fall backwards out of the chair and I needed it loose as hell or I couldn't recline an inch. Every single day when I got in I had to spend at least three minutes cranking that piece of shit knob until it was comfortable, and every day the fat bastard had to do the exact same in reverse. I very quickly developed an intense hatred for both him and Herman Miller because of that.

Like I said though, I've had my own chair for about three years now, and I have to admit I love it.

Sent by chris on March 21, 2004

The aeron's a bit uncomfortable. The Ambi chair is a pure delight... thick padding on the seat, back, and arm rests. Very comfortable. My only complaint is that sometimes when you lean back, the lock pops and you just keep going.

Sent by JC on March 30, 2004

The one thing not mentioned is that the chair does hold up to 300+ pounds. My ex-bf had this chair in his home office. And we had some good times in that chair. It held both of us rather comfortably for extracurricular activities. As far as sitting in it, my ex had the large chair because he was about six feet tall and 225lbs. I would sit on the Aeron for hours reading my email and I still found it pretty comfortable as far as desk chairs go.

Sent by Riotgrrl on April 1, 2004

No doubt the Aeron was comfortable and sturdy. Might go for the Mirra instead of Aeron but having second thoughts as the Mirra looks and feels less sturdy. Anyone care to comment and share their experience with a Mirra?

Sent by werkstuffz on April 2, 2004

This is the best chair I've ever sat in, but it is overpriced. Find a used one on E-Bay...but I love this website and the movies, those chicks are never satisfied, would complain about anything. And the idiot with the torn khakis... yea, sure, they were in perfect condition before he sat on the Aeron. Hey, jerkface, sell the chair and buy yourself a pair of pants! Quit complaining.

Sent by Shankman on April 2, 2004

The left armrest works fine if you turn the adjustment wheel in the opposite direction from the one on the right. It's like the locks on the driver's and passenger's doors of a car: you have to turn them in opposite directions.

Sent by Mitch on April 3, 2004

ive been lookin for an aeron for about 2 months now... i want to purchase it from an authorized reseller becuase of the 12 yr warranty... ive looked on ebay from just regular people selling it and it's not that much cheaper... does anyone know the best/cheapest place to buy one of these chairs from? please email me at chau@dork.com

Sent by Edwin on April 3, 2004

This is a piece of shit. I developed back problem with this chair, and I can't get off it.

Sent by Bill Yunker on April 9, 2004

I'm sitting in my Areon chair now, um...feels pretty good. You guys are right, the armrest adjuster is a terrible design. But, from what I heard, they are in the process of building a new style of adjuster for it. Simple, quick and easy. My biggest complaint is the fact that I obtained the chair after the seat frame was broken by a person larger than me and I screwed it back together. But, it broke again and I need to buy the frame. As far as the lumbar support digging into your back, turn it over, works wonders. Maybe I'm a sloucher.

Sent by some guy on April 13, 2004

I took suzee's advice and checked out www.homeofficesolutions.com, they have everything!! It was very easy to see how all of the chairs compare to one another, and if you dare to call them they will compare the chairs with you over the phone to get you the right chair. I thought they were going to recommend the Aeron but was surprised when they said the Leap would be better for the way I sit.

Sent by Ashleigh on May 3, 2004

You're joking... Are you guys dwarves or something else's wrong? It is so sad you can't apreciate quality design. Right, it takes more than just knowing how to fart for that. The Good news is, LazyBoy is coming back with a contemporary flare, but still comfortable for those who just spend their day farting. But seriously, the truth of the matter is just start by keeping your head off your ass. That would help too.

Sent by Fan #1 on May 7, 2004

If you're heavy & the chair isn't properly adjusted, you nearly kill yourself when you first sit in the damn thing!!!!!!

Sent by Bob on May 11, 2004

I've been sitting in an Aeron for 3 days now--I have the chair on approval. I love the mesh; I love the forward tilt; I like the fact that the chair doesn't list to one side like my former chair, but why does my back hurt when it hasn't hurt in the last couple of years? Should I spend th $700.00 in the hope that things will get better?

Sent by John Myers on May 13, 2004

Aside from the All Day Chair, this is the only office chair that doesn't hurt my back. It was the only time sitting in a long meeting that I wasn't in pain by the end.

Sent by Sue Hansen on May 17, 2004

Herman Miller seems to have quite the Occult following on this site, I wonder how many of them are employees.

Sent by Ga Hd on May 23, 2004

I find the Aeron chair to be very comfortable but it keeps breaking. I am 6'3" 235lbs and use the size C chair. They come in A (small) B (regular) and C (large). Most folks only use the B since their companies want the look but don't do the research to really look after their employees' health. I have broken 1 pelical seat (the 4 way stretch mesh ripped)1 pelical seat plastic frame (busted in the rear and poked my right ass cheek) a guest who is smaller than I leaned back and busted the recline stopper so now it is full upright sittin' or full on reclinin'. Maybe the seat keeps breaking because I have a small but and I am mostly upper body as far as weight distribution. Maybe too much point load pressure on the trampoline. The main center shaft has poked all the way through the leg assembly and now munches the carpet. Oh, that lumbar thing? What mutant uses these things? Mine is adjusted way to the bottom to keep it away from my lower spine so that it will no longer harm folks. Still, This is the least stressful chair that I have ever utilized. I really like the cooling effect on the back and butt.

Sent by Aeron Buster on May 27, 2004

I haven't had the opportunity to try an Aeron chair, but my Steelcase ergonomic chair also cut into my thighs, after I decided to sit higher up. I adjusted the "seat edge angle" to move the front down and the pressure back; problem solved. With the Aeron, the seat pan and back apparently move together, but adjusting to "forward tilt" (or lowering the seat) would solve the thigh problem. Your ability to slouch is less important. If you fall into the "B or C" area of the size chart, did you try them both? http://www.hermanmiller.com/hm/content/product/miscellaneous/Aeron-sizechart.gif Still, I like more adjustments. Funny site!

Sent by David Morenus on June 25, 2004

These chairs are only comfortable if they are stolen.

Sent by Kraven Moorehead on July 7, 2004

I was hired as New Media Manager at a pharmaceutical company. They had these chairs. I couldn't figure out how to adjust the damned thing, and when I tried to have it where I could lean back suddenly the back would drop out on me. The lumbar support was annoying as well. Unfortunately there was nobody in the company who could tell me how to adjust it properly, but I could wait a couple of months until the ergotherapist came. Anyway I quit that job pretty quick - and I certainly didn't miss that chair.

Sent by Fashionpolice on July 13, 2004

Yeah, I remember my Aeron chair. The company couldn't pay it's employees, literally...but we all had Aeron chairs!!!

Sent by Antagonistic on July 13, 2004

I love the diffrient-designed Freedom chair...none of those pesky Aeron issues and a much more comfortable sit!

Sent by ricky on July 13, 2004

What I hate the most you can't rest your head on the back of the chair because it's not padded. It's not necessarily being lazy or wanting to take a quick nap. Sometimes you want to recline a little and think.

Sent by GreyBear on July 22, 2004

These chairs were in a training class I had, and my opinion was that they were only good for some people. I'm 5'11", 180 lbs, and a serious cyclist and rock climber. Not some huge fat guy or anything. I found the chairs to be comfortable initially, but they got highly annoying by the end of the day. The arms kept swinging out, the tilt control is too hard to easily dial in, and the lip on the front of the chair is a real pain. Just my 2 bits.

Sent by MB on July 26, 2004

I haven't laughed this hard in a LONG time! This is some funny shit!!!

Sent by Wally Forrest on July 28, 2004

I love it. I cant understand why a few hundred dont like it !!

Sent by Jose Luis on September 7, 2004

Check another good chair out... its the X99 from Haworth. Less complicated than the Aeron and more comfortable with an european design. http://www.haworth.com/x99

Sent by Drew on November 14, 2004

Go back to an Ergon...much better and way cheaper.

Sent by dippy on December 10, 2004

...but Mirra is pretty darn good too.

Sent by Aeron Rocks on December 21, 2004

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