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Dack vs. Anti-dack
Dack vs. Anti-Dack

Thing Dack Anti-Dack
beer macrobrews microbrews
belief in God no yes
boat propulsion sail motor
books non-fiction fiction
classic car 1969 Jaguar E-Type 1969 Chevy Nova SS
coffee black w/cream
diet cola Diet Coke Diet Pepsi
cologne no yes
dinner hour 8 6
golf course transportation walk cart
French Impressionist Manet Monet
Gilligan's Island gal Ginger Mary Ann
greatest basketball player LeBron James Michael Jordan
irons forged cast
James Bond Sean Connery Roger Moore
Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone involved in conspiracy
licorice black red
martini gin, stirred vodka, shaken
Mason-Dixon line north of south of
Oxford comma yes no
pet dog cat
philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer Deepak Chopra
Rat Pack fave Dean Martin Frank Sinatra
shafts steel graphite
shaving device blade electric razor
spaces after a period one two
underwear boxers briefs
vision correction glasses Lasik surgery
warm weather vacation Orange County Cancun
wine white red

Created: November 20, 2002
Updated: January 17, 2023

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