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Flash vs. HTML: a usability test

Flash vs. HTML: A Usability Test
Update - October 25, 2002
The Flash and HTML versions of tiffany.com were developed by now defunct Oven Digital. Bill French, one of the developers who built the HTML version of the site, has written an article describing how his company's "rushed, even forced adoption of Flash precipitated major changes within the organization, and ultimately contributed to its undoing." There's juicy stuff here, including company listserv communications about "the usability and quality risk ... that we are forced to re-implement inside Flash any standard UI components/widgets/controls that we want to use for the page," and a classic diatribe about Flash "breaking web fundamentals," an issue that was discussed years ago.

Update - February 4, 2003
Tiffany finally got wise and dumped the Flash version of their site.
In July 2000 I conducted a usability test comparing the HTML version of tiffany.com with the Flash version of tiffany.com. Read all about it:
Page 1: Executive Summary and Introduction
Page 2: Detailed Test Results
Page 3: Observations and Conclusion
Page 4: Appendix A - Interview with Bob LinDell
Page 5: Appendix B - Tiffany.com Screen Shots

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