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About this site:  Launched in October 2001, this warlog's purpose is to demonstrate the folly of the War On Terror by taking articles only from wire feeds and mainstream news organizations, including FOX.

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From the "suck list" to controversial political commentary? A lesser man would not attempt such a leap of genre. I suppose it was inevitable, given the general disgruntled disposition of the directionless mustard monster which used to occupy this space. It's nice to see you have found a cause to focus your efforts.

That aside, I agree the war is un-winnable, pointless and potentially without end; but it's making millions of Americans feel better, it's raising Dubya's popularity, and if more than a handful of innocent Afghanis have to die in the process, well, not many in the US cared about them in the first place. After all, they all dress funny, look dirty, apparently all want to kill Americans and hate freedom (that one gets me every time.) The carnage has moved off the streets of Manhattan and back on CNN, so you could say everything is back to normal and a wounded nation can heal.

-- Kirill S.


I am not sure how so much of the feedback you have published missed the point so badly. It's so obvious that you are not defending 9/11 - but have identified that american bombing raids on innocent civillians have accomplished nothing but the perpetuation of the conflict.

Come on you Americans - sort your president out - before we all have to pay.

-- Simon O.


Just a little note to say I support your stance. I used to read your weblog in the olden' days. I'm glad you're using your success to good use. Well done and keep it up.

-- Gwilym


talk about a site makeover. feeling the need for a little lighthearted pisstake, i went to dack.com for the first time in about a year, and was suddenly flung into the dark waters of the warlog. after i got over my initial disorientation, though, i dug it. a lot. at the risk of sounding like an idiot, it's good to be reminded from time to time how fucked up the situation is, because it's too easy to lapse into a complacent sort of on-the-one-hand relativism that doesn't do justice to the level of injustice, if you get what i mean. and, as always, your site looks great. as my granddad always used to say, keep chargin'.

-- John R.


Very objective. What happened to the content you used to have up here? Why did you replace it with such bullshit?

-- Nigel Lovepump


Just wanted to let you know that 'Reader Feedback' is the coolest meta-commentary I've seen in a long way - you have brass-fucking balls.

-- Joel H.


I think you are providing an extremely valuable public service. I hope that all warblog and pundit fans peruse it from time to time (I'm one). As the situation abroad becomes increasingly complex, listening to and thinking about other perspectives on events will become more and more important.

Keep up the excellent work.

(And, for the record, I lost close family friends in the attacks, and, yeah, I used to be an anti-war protester back in the day.)

-- Henry F.


I sorely miss your previously entertaining and humorous site, and am wondering whether you might be considering going back to that format one of these days. Your current page seems to be a knee-jerk return to the 70s, which doesn't apply at all since 9/11. If LBJ was running this war today, perhaps I'd be sharing your sentiments. But he ain't.

I'd recommend suckin' down a few highballs, hittin' the golf course, and rethinking your approach...

BTW: I was a 100% war protestor/conscientious objector in the 60s and 70s.

-- Paul E.


Thank you for providing a breathe of fresh air among the daily onslaught of fascist-level patriotism being spewed by the main-stream media.

I used to visit your site for "bullshit generation", but now I just go to cnn.com for that.

If people have a problem with what you're doing, then you must be doing something right! I get so tired of people who think it is un-American to express a dissenting opinion... nothing is more American!

Keep up the good work!

-- Patrick K


just a quick note to say your site is amazing and i think you're providing an essential resource to those of us who want real information. thanks for making the effort.

-- Susan V.


I have enjoyed the dack.com site for a long time, but am sadly blown away by the anti war-on-terrorism tone.

I'm from Queens NY, and until September 11, my job used to be 2 blocks from the WTC. I lost three personal friends in the attack. Two firemen from the neighborhood, and another net-admin from the 93rd floor. Gone. Six children between the three of them.

At night I still think about the seeing the human beings jumping out of the upper floor's windows.

Did you know that people were lined up at broken windows to jump out? Out of a building that had become a 1200 degree oven...to escape from life...and air and smoke that was hotter than molten lead? One after another after another, they were jumping to their deaths.....Falling bodies killed several people on the ground.

I saw the buildings go down while I was walking north, away from the attack site. The horrifying smell of death (think Auschwitz....like burnt hair + concrete dust + burnt plastic) lingered over the city for a month. That smell is the one thing that no video can ever explain or transfer.

So, anyway....understand that not ALL of the need for murderous retribution is jingo-istic....some of comes directly from our hearts. And my heart still says that we can't kill enough of these rotten fuckers....Bullets through their skulls, bombs on their families, run over their fucking dogs.

Keep up the good work, I wouldn't want everyone to feel like I do.

-- RT


I used to visit your web site all the time and thought it was great. I guess the great humor and insightful comments have disappeared. Too bad.

Are you against actions that would take care of terrorists? If so, you are siding with evil. I would never say that war was a great thing, but we were attacked.

Best of luck and hope you go back to what you were doing before.

-- Bill L.


Why don't you also post pictures of dead body parts from the World Trade Center.... Probably because you are a left wing fuck face that welcomes the next terrorist attack on Americans.

-- Anonymous


While I used to be a regular visitor to Dack in the 'orange' days, I recently visited only to find that Anti-Americanism runs rampant, again, and the left (namely the media and a fair majority of our educational community) shows that nihilism is all that remains of your agenda.

While your views are your right, it is sad that your efforts to be progressive are blinded by a one-sidedness so common in the circle of the media....

-- Kevin D.


I am sure that you are a cynical bastard. Also, I agree with you and it is refreshing for me to see someone speak their mind about these events. I am not sure whether the masses are correct but if they are it will be through dumb luck. It is sad to see the country fall into the same media trap every time there is a war.

-- Randy F.